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As you know, we are no longer operating Parahawking in Nepal. Our project came to a sudden end and we decided to leave Nepal to pursue our passion elsewhere. We are now starting from complete scratch and are in the process of setting up an exciting new Parahawking Project in Algodonales, in southern Spain.

We are extremely excited about our new venture and we want you to be involved from the beginning. We are offering unique sponsorship opportunities to our loyal fanbase, read on for more details…

In 16 years Parahawking has grown from a curious experiment to a globally award winning adventure activity attracting 1000’s of adventure seekers and conscientious travellers, gaining international notoriety and raising tens of 1000’s of dollars for vulture conservation projects in Nepal. We plan to build on our success, continue to educate about vultures and bring Parahawking to a wider audience, and you can be an integral part of our success.

We are offering a number of unique sponsorship opportunities:


1. Sponsor a bird - Bronze: €500   -   Silver: €1000   -   Gold: €2000

 MG 8740This is an amazing opportunity to be the sole sponsor of one of our incredible birds… for life! Your sponsorship will go towards the purchase of the bird. You will then become the sole sponsor of that bird. Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Having your name associated with one of our amazing birds
  • Your name or company logo on our paragliding equipment, (size and position will depend on level of sponsorship)
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A framed photograph of your sponsored bird
  • Yearly complimentary Bird of Prey or Parahawking Experience (number depending on level of sponsorship)

Number of Sponsorships available = 6

2. Sponsor an aviary - €500

We are in the process of building shiny new aviaries for our new team of birds. Your sponsorship will go towards the construction costs and CCTV, you will then become the sole sponsor of that aviary. Sponsorship benefits include:

  • A plaque on the aviary with your name or company logo “This aviary is sponsored by…”
  • A complimentary Bird of Prey Experience
  • Warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your sponsored aviary is providing security and protection for our birds.

Number of Sponsorships available = 5


Tiger Tox - www.tigercox.com - Tiger is the proud sponsor of Maya's Aviary

van3. Sponsor a vehicle - €5000+

The big one! We may have wings to fly but without wheels we cannot get you or our birds to the mountain to take off. Your sponsorship will go towards the costs of buying a van to carry our passengers and our birds to the flying sites. Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Your name or company logo emblazoned across our van
  • Your name or company logo on the underside of the paraglider (will be seen in 1000’s of parahawking photos worldwide)
  • 2 complimentary Parahawking VIP day packages every year (terms and conditions apply)

Number of Sponsorships available = 2 -  For sole sponsorship of our vehicle, please contact me.



winglogo4. Brand awareness

If none of the above options suit you then why not simply buy some advertising space on our paragliding equipment. Having your logo eblazoned on the underside of our glider provides unique exposure for your brand. Images like this are uploaded to our social media sites on a daily basis are are viewed and shared by thousands of people worldwise, this means you could reach a wider range of clientelle without spending a fortune on marketing. And you get to be part of something pretty cool :)

For more details or discuss your options, send and email to - scott@parahawking.com

In addition to all of the other benefits, your name or company logo and details will be listed below along with our current list of sponsors.






Our Conservation Commitments

Over the last 10 years, The Parahawking Project has raised and donated approx $50,000 USD towards vulture conservation projects in Nepal alone. This is in addition to 100's of newspaper, magazine articles and TV documentaries where Parahawking has been featured, reaching a potential audience of literally millions of people. We promise to continue with our conservation efforts and pledge to continue promoting vulture conservation as well as raising funds through our unique flying experiences. Your sponsorship will not only help us to achieve this but you will also be directly supporting vital vulture conservation projects and preventing their extinction.


If you are interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities listed above, please contact me for more details where I will be more than happy to discuss it in more detail. (terms and conditions apply)


Email Scott - scott@parahawking.com


Our current sponsors include:



Main Sponsor

Gin is one of the leaders in Paraglider manufacturers, leading the way in design, performance and technology. Gin Gliders has been our main supporter and sponsor since 2004, providing us with paragliders and harness' to ensure we're always using the latest and best equipment available.

Website: www.gingliders.com



Marshall Radio are the worlds leading manufacturer of radio tracking systems for birds of prey. Their technology far surpasses anything else on the market. Marshall Radio have provided us with he very best in radio tracking to ensure the safety and whereabouts of our birds at all times.

Website: www.mashallradio.com



Ben Long is one of the worlds leading falconry equipment manufacturer and supplier. Ben has been crafting top quality falconry equipment for over 30 years and is a world renowned falconer in his own right. Ben has been providing us with a range of equipment including new gloves every season.

Website: www.benlongfalconry.co.uk



The Identity Store is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of leather. They have been supplying us with leather materials for our bird equipment for several years. They also helped us produce the leather wristband souvenires that we give to all our passengers.

Website: www.theidentitystore.co.uk



UK Airsports are the UK main supplier of Paragliding equipment and Gin Gliders UK distributer. UK Airsports have been a supporter of The Parahawking Project for several years.

Website: www.ukairsports.com



Vortex Optics are a premier supplier of binoculars and telescopes which come with a lifetime guarantee. We're big fans of their products.

Website: www.vortexoptics.com/



Fly Spain or the largest and only BHPA accredited paragliding school in Spain offering courses and guiding holidays for all levels of pilots.

Website: www.flyspain.co.uk



Do you want to become a sponsor of The Parahawking Project? We are aways looking for new sponsors whether it be financial or to provide us with equipment to help us continue to develop the project and support vulture conservation projects in Nepal.

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